Corporate Yoga Class Fees

Investment for our 1 hour weekly yoga classes over an 8-week term (flat rate for up to 30 students per class).

Off-peak $1040 (9am-5pm)*
Early Morning $1120 (6am – 9am)*
After Work $1280 (5pm-7pm)*
One off 1 hour yoga class $200

*10% discount applies if booking more than one class per week over an 8-week term.
if extended travel is required to get to a location a case-by-case quote will be devised.

Corporate bookings: please send an email through our contacts page 

Pregnancy and Postnatal Book and Pay here!

Cost: $102 for 6 weeks

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I understand that the instructions given throughout the class are intended as guidance only. I understand that while all due care will be taken by the instructor; they cannot be responsible for my improper practice at anytime. I understand that the decision to perform any yoga posture remains mine. I declare that I will take full responsibility for myself during the classes. I will notify my instructor before each class begins of any injury, illness, surgery or pregnancy.
Course fees must be made at the time of booking. All fees are non-refundable except under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Yogasuits. If you have to miss a class, our instructors will do their best to offer one make-up class per course if there is one available. A make-up class must be taken before the end of the course.