Corporate Yoga Classes

We bring our 1 hour yoga classes into your office. Our yoga courses offer a mixture of gentle and dynamic yoga, simultaneously promoting relaxation and fitness. We teach a flowing practice that calms the mind and nervous system as well as stretching and toning muscles. The benefits are both internal and external as circulation and breathing improve you will look and feel more energised. Our sequences are designed to suit all capabilities. Classes are deliberately structured with elements of repetition so that you can develop a short yoga sequence to practice anywhere, anytime. Other elements of the class are variable with sequences and poses tailored towards the individual needs of the group.

How it works

Courses are one hour weekly classes over an 8-week term.

 What you need

  1. Between 1 to 30 people
  2. Any area big enough for a group of people, such as a staff room, meeting room of boardroom.
  3. A yoga mat is desirable but not essential.